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Like you have read in Procedure, I walk 2 – 3 dogs per walk, but you can also opt for a ‘solo’ walk, and then I will walk no other dog than your dog during that hour. The rates have been aligned with that option. You might be surprised about the low rates; fortunately this is possible because I enjoy the walks so much and do not attempt to get rich from my service.

The prices are divided in ‘combined’ (I walk your dog with one other dog) and ‘solo’ (I only walk your dog). As you can see in the way the rates are structured, the more I walk your dog per week, the cheaper it is for you, since it is obviously easier and more convenient for me if I have ‘regular’ dogs.

Dog walking:

1x per week 1 hour: €15 combined – €20 solo
2x per week 1 hour: €14 combined – €19 solo
3x per week 1 hour: €13 combined – €18 solo
4x per week 1 hour: €12 combined – €17 solo
5x per week 1 hour: €11 combined – €16 solo


Dog sitting:

30 Euro per day. Depending of the period of your absence.

Of course this includes the complete care of your pet including all the necessary walks and care! 

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